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Having an Intimate Wedding?
Are you on a tighter budget for your wedding?  There are a number of ways to have a beautiful wedding on a small budget.  

Remember, the most important thing about your wedding is—your wedding! Having a beautiful ceremony attended by a few close family and friends make it an intimate and meaningful time.

Here are some things to think about:

♥ Decide on a date.

♥ Choose your venue (think outside the box).  

♥ Will your ceremony be at a church or synagogue? Some churches allow a small reception following the ceremony in the church parlor or lounge. Maybe someone can make a cake and bring juice or soft drinks—maybe sparkling (non-alcoholic) cider for a toast.

♥ Look into local parks. For a very small group it might be free. For a larger group call and see about renting a pavilion where you could also have a small reception—with catered food or have people bring pot luck dishes or barbecue. (For example: In Dutchess County check out Bowdoin Park. They have a small chapel as well as pavilions for a reasonable cost.)

♥ Have your ceremony at home—yours or at a family member or friend’s house. You could still dress up for the ceremony. Have guests come casual and enjoy a small reception (see parks above).  

♥ Combine your wedding with a holiday. Family and friends are likely to be together and having an additional event to celebrate can be great fun. Think July 4th? We once officiated a wedding on Thanksgiving at a family’s home. Almost any family gathering can double as your wedding celebration.

♥ Contact Revs Ralph and Holly. We have a small deck and can accommodate up to 25 people and 9 cars for a wedding ceremony. Revralph@ceremoniesforalifetime.com revholly@ceremoniesforalifetime.com 

♥ Choose your bridal party. It may be small but choose those closest to you. Include children if you wish.  

♥ Decide on your attire. If you have your heart set on a traditional wedding dress shop sales. Try consignment shops. Think about a different color. (I know someone who wore red on her wedding day.) Maybe a “bridesmaids” dress would work for you. What about renting a dress or costume?  

♥ Bridal party attire? For my wedding I had four bridesmaids and told them to pick something nice from their closet. Everyone looked beautiful and we had a rainbow of colors. Guys can wear a suit and tie. Or you can all just dress casual.

♥ Contact us for more ideas about how to have a lovely, small wedding.