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Baby Naming and Blessing

One of our greatest joys is to 
welcome new little ones to the 

A baby naming and blessing is a 
wonderful occasion attended by 
family and friends to welcome and 
bless the child. We include a lovely
water blessing a similar—but unique—way of “baptizing” the child.

The child can be any age. If you weren’t able to have a blessing ceremony in early childhood we can also create the celebration for older children.

We have some beautiful material to work with and welcome your input on your child’s favorite song, poem or short story that can be included.  

All attendees have the opportunity to say a word, a blessing or to write on a piece of paper that can be saved for the child.

Let’s combine your ideas, with our ideas and have a special day to commemorate the new little one.

We present you with a certificate of the Blessing and Naming at the conclusion of the ceremony.

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Follow this link for an awesome baby and child photographer.


House Blessing

When you move into new surroundings--whether it is a house or an apartment--consider clearing and blessing the space.

This ritual usually involves the officiant and new owners or occupants.  The idea is the clear out the old energies of the previous occupants and bless the home for you and your family.

Give us a call so we can talk about officiating this ritual with you.