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Having a Large Wedding?
If you or your family have the resources and you would like to have a large wedding—start planning early.  

How big is big? Maybe you should consider hiring a wedding planner. 

Here are some of the top first-to-do things:

♥ Decide on a date.

♥ Choose your venue. Will your ceremony be at a church or synagogue or at the reception venue? (Note: number of attendees could be a limiting factor so come up with a rough estimate before booking.)

♥ Choose your bridal party.  

♥ Decide on your attire. Wedding dresses can take a very long time from order to arrival.

♥ If you are not hiring a planner, search the Internet for wedding planning information and checklists to be sure you don’t miss any details for your big day.

Now let’s focus on the ceremony—our favorite part.

♥ Identify your minister, rabbi or officiant.  

♥ Identify other family members or friends who you would like to participate—but will not be in the bridal party. Perhaps they can be included in your ceremony as readers, or participate in other ritual elements.

♥ Think about how you would like your ceremony to be and what you would like to be part of it. Do you want to write your own wedding vows?

♥ Arrange a meeting with your officiant to discuss the ceremony, elements, and participants.