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Holly Beyar-Amundsen is a native of Rockland County, New York. Raised in a liberal protestant faith, she always felt open and connected to spirit in all forms. She was naturally drawn to study and follow the path of interfaith into the ministry. She spent 30 years in the corporate world. But during this time, she always knew a second career awaited her.  

Holly attended The New Seminary in New York City and was ordained by the Interfaith Temple of New York in 2003. 

Beginning a new career as an interfaith minister, she co-founded HeartLight Interfaith Chapel and held services in Dover Plains, NY. HeartLight is presently on hold in search of a new location. Holly creates life event rituals, ceremonies and services. 

Holly and her husband Ralph, also a New Seminary graduate, together formed Ceremonies For A Lifetime. They specialize in creating and officiating wedding ceremonies, house blessings, memorials and other custom rituals. She says, “It is always a joyous occasion and a true blessing to join a couple in a sacred commitment.”

Rev. Ralph was raised in Albany, Oregon. His life journey includes military service and years of fine craftsmanship and building. He spent several years at a spiritual retreat center in Theodesia, Missouri as Property Manager and Support Team Coordinator. Today, in addition to his ministry, Rev. Ralph is a renovations contractor and a “minister to the trades.  

Ralph attended The New Seminary and was ordained by the Interfaith Temple of New York in 2003.

Since ordination, he has co-created services at HeartLight Interfaith chapel and hosted A Course in Miracles group in Dover Plains. Ralph and Holly, partners in Ceremonies For A Lifetime, specialize in unique wedding ceremonies for couples of all spiritual paths.  

“Newlyweds ourselves, celebrating your wedding is like a renewal of our own wedding vows and our joyful beginning.”

Rev. Ralph also presents workshops including “To do more than Survive, I want to be Happy”