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Vow Renewals
The Vow Renewal is a ritual that says
 “I Love You and I’d marry you again.”
Couples request these ceremonies to 
celebrate a number of things. It could be 
a 5th, 10th 20th or more years of marriage. 
One couple we know had a vow renewal at 50 years. 
Isn’t that amazing! I could still sense the great love between them.  

Sometimes one partner in the marriage will be going away for a time. Such as a military assignment away from home. Or a couple who may be separated for a time by a business opportunity. What a wonderful send off and great reminiscence for the couple to celebrate a renewal of their wedding vows before parting.

For any reason, at any time, you can choose to renewal your vows. You can use the original wedding ceremony wording or we can customize something new incorporating some elements from your wedding along with elements reflecting your deepened commitment.

Maybe you caught us on TV a few years back. Mike and Kacey showed a video of us officiating vow renewal ceremonies at Anthony’s Pier 9 as part of a Bridal Expo. One of them was a great surprise for the “bride.” Her husband asked her for her wedding ring so he could put it back on during the ceremony. When the time came he pulled out a beautiful new ring. She was so surprised. It was awesome.

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